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The format of the published information is in compliance with the Decree No 64/2008 Coll. on The Format of the Published Information related to the execution of the public administration through the webpages for disabled people (Decree on Accessibility). This webpage meets all the requirements published in the annex of this Decree.

Creating these webpages the methodical instruction to the Decree No 64/2008 Coll. and methods by Blind Friendly Web (Project of the United Organization of Weak-eyed and Sightless) were strictly followed.

The list of unfulfilled conditional-obligatory Rules of Accessibility and justification

The portal and the application Google Maps API encoded do not fulfill two conditional-obligatory Rules of Accessibility. This norm requires introducing all the unfulfilled conditional-obligatory rules on the webpage and consequently, presenting the instructions for the disabled users, how to proceed in case when the nonstandard solutions disable the usage of the portal.

Rule no 3 and 9

(Information introduced through scripts, objects, applets, cascade styles, cookies and other supplements on the user’s side must be accessible even without any of the abovementioned extras, in addition the webpages must be standardly controllable.)

For work with the application Google Maps the JavaScript must be enabled in the user’s browser. This supplement is the common part of all the modern web browsers and is enabled in the original settings. The application Google Maps is only a visual supplement for displaying the position on the map. If you are a disabled user using assistance technologies which do not support Java Scripts, you can substitute the work with applications direct contacting the portal administrator on e-mail

Applied Technologies

For the description of all information on this webpage the mark-up language XHTML 1.0 Strictis used as for the visual setting the CSS CSS styles.

Switch off CSS styles

All the hyperlinks are highlighted as the underlined text. The hyperlinks opened to the new window are marked using the icon (icon of link opening in a new window) and are accompanied with title "link opens in a new window". The opening of the new windows is only available with the JavaScript enabled. If the user has the JavaScript disabled, the hyperlink will open standardly in the same window of the web browser.

The link for the printable version of the webpage is set in the end of each document and is available only with enabled JavaScript. If the user’s JavaScript is disabled, the common way of printing the document through the web browser can be used. (The functionality of printing remains unchanged).

Information presented in other formats

Some information on this webpage is available in a different form than text or hypertext. The hyperlinks leading to these files are highlighted in text with the appropriate icon, warning the user on the different content of the requested link.

Documents are presented in these formats:
  • PDF – to view the information in this format the free browser Adobe Acrobat Reader is free to download.


Contact on web administrator

Your comments, remarks or other about problems met with viewing these webpages send to the e-mail address